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73 fredericksburg. 70 leasburg. it's a warm morning which will portend to another hot tay. i don't know what portend means but it sounds good. 25-mile wide eye. category four, 140-mile an hour winds heading to the outer banks. hurricane watch upper cape cod. tropical storm watch around long island. there's the warnings in the eastern carolinas. and we have a coastal flood advisory. hot and sunny today. 985 froms. ongoing police activity in silver spring impacting the readies. georgia avenue between colesville road and wayne and wainwright now is shut down between colesville and georgia avenue. the outer lap, everything is all clear out this way. moving north of the district. not going to find problems from route 1 candle light vigil park making your way to 270.
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police shot a gunman to death in silver spring. all of the hostages got out safely. bomb squads spent the night searching the building for possible explosive devices. >> reporter: mes of a day care center inside of the headquarters for discovery channel wheeled babies and cribs out of the building after a man armed with a gun and explosives escorted them out of the building. >> he was wearing devices on his front an back and waved a han gun. >> reporter: they say james lea
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took three hostages, two employees and a security officer. the standoff ended when lee pointed his gun at one of the hostages, a s.w.a.t. team officer and then shot and killed him. all the hostages got out safely. the standoff paralyzed the area around the building as 1900 employees evacuated, including this woman. >> we got on the particular and prayed. >> reporter: lea was well-known to management here at discovery. he had a long history of from tests for its programming. he was ordered to stay a hundred feet away from the building after he was arrested in 2008 for thing money to attract attention to his protest. >> we were aware of him but did not take his threats or demands seriously. >> reporter: police are making sure any explosives in this building are secure before allowing anyone back in. whit johnson, cbs news, silver spring, maryland. there's no word when we may
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hear the firsthand account of the standoff from the hostages. last night, one of them, jim mcnolte released a statement which read -- discovery workers learned there was a gunman in the building almost immediately they were ordered to lock themselves physician their offices and to wait for security to arrive. within a few minutes, security guards began to escort them out through a side stairwell.
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some described the evacuation. >> i was in the lobby by the atrium. i was on my way to a meeting at 1:00 and around that time i was told that there was a gunman in the lobby. that we should all evacuate. >> reporter: okay. >> at that point we just had to evacuate. >> reporter: no one has been allowed back in the discovery building or the garage so all of the employees were unable to retrieve personal items left at the desk. several were forced to find other ways home because their cars are still in this discovery garage. people who know lee say he was passionate about animals and say they would have never imagined him taking the action he did yesterday. on a website he made 11 demands awe aimed at doctorry. he wanted the pan to change programming to focus on getting rid of pollutants. the pollutants he was referring
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to, people. one described the scene. >> at that time there was never a net threat of violence but you get the impression that he one stable. >> reporter: lee was charged with disorderly conduct an littering. he was sentenced to spend time in a mental institution, but he wound up spending 14 days in in the montgomery county jail. stay with for the it willest information on the discovery standoff. to read more about the suspect james lee, or to leave a comment about the standoff, log on to our website at where will hurricane earl land? that has people on the east coast on alert as the storm is barreling toward the united states as karen brown reports, thousand of residents and tourists along the carolinas outer banks have already been evacuated. >> kevin bram isn't sticking around for hurricane earl, even
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if it means cutting his labor day weekend short. >> better to be disappointed than be washed away or something. >> reporter: it could reach north carolina late tonight or early friday before rolling up the east coast. watches and warnings stretch to cape cod, massachusetts. while hurricane earl is expected to stay off shore, a slate shift could put millions in harm's way. >> it is important to take time now while the skies are clear and you have a plan and are ready just in case. >> reporter: many aren't wasting time boarding up. >> never know what flying deprix you will get. wednesday officials ordered to evacuate the outer banks. not since hurricane bob in 1991 has a storm threatened so much of the eastern seaboard. here the governor declared a state of emergency. they have done the same for the coastal regions of maryland and virginia, but some tourists
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refuse to let hurricane earl ruin their fun in the sun. >> our 18th year here and i'm not ready to photo new york and get in the routine. >> reporter: red cross shelters are set up for those that don't have a place to ride out the storm? a shelter is never the best place to live in but we will make sure they have a place to sleep, are dry and have food to eat. >> reporter: supplies they hope won't be needed this time around. karen brown, cbs news, north carolina. >> hurricane earl's arrival has affected rail travel along the east coast. amtrak says it will close the route used by some regional trains in virginia, specifically the routes for the tide water area which take riders to new port news and hampton roads area. down load our free hurricane tracker at click on weather. investors on wall street enjoy a triple dig rally while british petroleum continues the efforts to try to clean up its
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image. that's coming up.
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welcome back. no problems traveling from the eastern shore to washington but we have early morning tieups to tell you about in maryland. i will have that coming up. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. wall street just enjoyed a pretty terrific day here's alison harmelin with a look at the business headlines. >> reporter: investors will be looking for more gains after kicking off september with a triple-digit rally. surprisingly strong manufacturing fret helped to fuel the buying spree. the dow jones industrial average jumped 2 a 5 points. the nasdaq gained 83. apple is premiering a smaller, less expensive version of the apple tv. the 99 there's device will allow viewers to rent movies and television shoves the internet and watch them on their laying room sets. first run edition movies $4 and
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steve jobs unveiled an ipod nano and update ipod touch. the commission examining the root causes of the financial melt down will hear from pen pernancy today. the panel was told his firm was a victim of uncontrollable market forces. he refuted the assertion that lehman didn't have enough capital to back its investments. b.p. has been paying a million dollars a week for ads touting the company's response to the oil spill. in four months they have spent 93 million there's on advertising it says is aimed at keeping gulf coast residents informed on issues relate took the cleanup. for more headlines, log on to cbs money a mechanical problem on a marc train leaves engineers searching for answers. and a new study shows
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exercising your brain can help prevent memories will. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein, we will let you know when it will cool off enough that you can enjoy being outside in the afternoon. and the latest on hurricane earl. the weather forecast is coming up when 9 news now returns.
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welcome back to 9 news now. a beautiful morning shaping up but people have concerns about the next 48 hours with the weather. if you have a beach holiday planned for labor day, don't cancel. the storm is coming on the an tomorrow through midday and leaving quickly. saturday, sunday, lay pore day look really nice at the beach. >> good news. >> don't cancel or delay it. the hotel owners will appreciate it as well and you are going to have a good time. let's fete going. it is thursday. it's a school day. so the bus stop
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forecast to debt you out the door. let's debt the bus moving. there we go. pick up the kids, right? sunny, clear and mild. we start 60s and 70s. a little muggy and the sunrise is 6:38 this morning. the day at a glance. well w we will be 80 degrees. low 90s at noon. for the drive home 95 with a south wind. tonight with are clear to partly cloudy. some of the high clouds from hurricane earl start to affect us. mid 80s to 70s. little muggy. 7:37 on the sunset. tomorrow, hazy sunshine with high clouds hurricane earl to the east. i think the impact in the metro will be minimal. not a lot of wind, northwest at didn't. and highs an 90. the big winds on the coast where they could gust to 55 miles an hour in ocean city. bill in new land is 73.
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tappahannock 72. martinsburg 69 and petersburg at 63. officially reagan national 77. feels like 79 because it is muggy with a 74. as much has been the case this week the winds are light, southwest, five miles an hour. once again high pressure. strong high pressure extends from areas of canada through the northeast and mid-atlantic. it's one of the reasons earl is heading up the coast opposed to the atlantic. this front f it was a little hurt east we would be in better shape but it will nudge earl away from the coast but it is too close for comfort. there's the thundershowers in storms toledo to indianapolis. maybe delays with that so check with your carrier. earl is a well-defined tropical storm. got stronger yesterday. great environment for it. and you can see earl cranking
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away in the the atlantic, moving more north than northwest. this is the turn we have been walk talk about. dangerous category four storm. an the forecast brings it up to hatteras tonight. tomorrow morning we are looking at a category three storm. not far off shore from norfolk an the delmarva here. so, this will bring big winds and waves. 50-mile an hour winds potentially for ocean city. martha's vineyard here, by friday night, maybe toward midnight they could be getting hit on the cape and then in to canada over the weekend will be doing better by then but the storm needs to be watched. we have watches and warnings for you. these are hurricane warnings here. in to virginia becomes a tropical storm warning. hurricane watch up for the cape. before the seven day, we want to show you the wind fields here. yellow is tropical storm winds
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and the red is hurricane. by 2:00 tonight hurricane-force winds on the outer banks. tomorrow morning notice how the tropical storm-force winds are grazing the delmarva to louis, delaware tousles purrry. op the west side of the bay not close enough. closer to annapolis gusting to 20. to easton 30-mile an hour busts but it is really going to be a coastal storm an with the waves and winds beach erosion as well but it will race quickly out of here. there it goes. nine future cast tracking the storm feting close the eye is off shore here. this is tomorrow morning. there is hatteras where the outer bands an heavy rains. and this will race out of here as the front comes through. the weekend looks real nice. here's the seven-day forecast,
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mid-90s today. 90 tomorrow with hazy skies and high clouds and sunday 80. labor day 88. gorgeous and hot next week. tuesday and wednesday in the 90s. hope you are off to a great start. 11 minutes from the 5:00 hour. we still have lingering police activity from yesterday's breaking news affecting our drivers this morning out in silver spring. wayne avenue is closed between colesville road and georgia on georgia take note, you will be losing a listen on the right. 95, we have construction at 216 to tell you about. should be wrapping up in the next 10 to 15 minutes. on 270, take you that way on the off ramp. 121 off ramp is closed due to construction. going northbound watch for it
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at falls road. in to dc, inbound new york avenue is clear moving at speed past bladensburg and in virginia 95 northbound no problems to report to the mixing bowl. back to you. a mechanical problem is plameed for a marc train breaking down north of the new car roll on the station. marc sent a rescue train to transport all of the passengers on board. they were heading up to baltimore. metro says the price tag for complying with federal recommendation made after the red line crash could be $935 million. the most expensive charge is the $838 million replace of the older series of rail cars in metro's fleet. metro estimates replacing tract circuit modules blamed for the crash would cost 585 million. nine people died an dozens hurt when the train crashed last
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june. doctors say just like our bodies, the brain needs to be exercised. a study shows keeping our mind active can keep alzheimer's disease at pay. but as karen brown tells us there is a surprising twist. >> reporter: carmen cox has a good memory. >> i'm aware as you get older you lose memory an i would like to prevent it as much as possible. >> reporter: so the 71-year-old is taking classes to keep her mind sharp. >> we are going to do an exercise called look, snap, connect prosecutor whether it is brain exercises, computer games or a cross word puzzle, research shows that seniors who keep their mind active can delay the onset of alzheimer's disease but once it hits the brain exercises may do more harm than good. researchers fold two groups of patients. as expected those who kept mentally sharp were able to delay alzheimer's but then a surprise once the disease took
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hold, patients in the active group saw the brain function deteriorate faster. >> once people got dementia it seemed to have the opposite affect. the more mental stimulation seemed to be worse. >> reporter: doctors say there is a silver lining, a slower onset and faster rate of decline means the patient will suffer from dementia for a shorter period of time. >> reporter: researchers speculate the brain is like a muscle. exercise can make it stronger. once it is compromised, exercise may make it worse. >> mental stimulation sped up brain decline at a person point. >> reporter: doctors say even if it is true, people should continue to exercise their brains. it is still an effective way to fight all alzheimer's. >> researchers at rush university medical center in chicago conducted the 12-year study that included more than
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1100 people. ment veterans with post traumatic stress disorder are twice as likely to develop dementia than those without the december order. researchers say it is not clear why. it could be it creates changes in the brain which leads to dementia. and they suspect a person suspected to ptsd may at a greater risk of dementia. dc mayoral race takes a new turn as the wife of one of the main candidates peaks silence and how long will troops remain in iraq in it could be longer than the 2012 deadline many say. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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welcome back to 9 news now. vice president biden, defense secretary gate and mike mullins celebrated the end of u.s. combat operations in iraq with a formal ceremony yesterday. the three were joined by iraq's foreign minister. while aaddressing those in attendance they say american troops may stay in iraq past the 2012 deadline in the iraq government asks for them. talks in washington for the first time in two years. wednesday president obama met with palestinian abbas and netanyahu separately. abbas says he will work hard to strike a long-lasting peace deal with israel but says israel must agree to a full freeze on settlement activity in palestinian territory. the dc department of health has launched an education
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campaign on infant mortality. it is designed to promote healthy pregnancies and reduce the risk of babies dying from sids, premayty and low birth weight. crisis in the crib was shown at the event followed by a panel of experts forum. wednesday marked the beginning of infant mortality awareness month. the wife of fenty fought to keep her composure. bruce johnson reports michelle's surprise remarks came at the end of the campaign after the mayor lost most of the african-american support it. >> is so painful to hear that people think he is arrogant and everything else. as his wife, i'm here to tell you it is absolutely, unequivocally not true. >> reporter: an emotional appeal from michelle fenty, standing by her husband and
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mayor today after going virtually unnoted in the campaign. >> it is hard. you felt the pain also. >> absolutely. >> reporter: today we live in a city more divided than we have seen in years and his response, you may not like me but at least i'm getting results. >> if you do not find it in your heart to forgive me i will have no one to blame but myself. >> everything he has ever done is for his community. this is his city. and these are his people. and the way he has behaved is for the people of the city. >> reporter: mayor fenty says the strange in strategy aapologizes to the african- american community has nothing to do with his wife down in the polls but his wife said is why
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she decide to come out an campaign. >> if i can go out there and let people know how he is and how he feels, then i think absolutely it is my duty to do that. >> reporter: with two weeks to do in the company, even the mayor's staunchest reporters they were wondering whether it was enough to win. hurricane earl is coming tomorrow, not today. the heat is around but the weekend looks fabulous. >> love the sound of that. >> if you have beach plans, might want to delay them until late friday but go. it will be fine. go to the board and talk about what is happening. another morning -- another muggy morning. 0 to our friends this montgomery

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